Thank you for your interest in Children’s Castle International.

This school is much more than just a business for me. Not only is it the fulfillment of my studies in child development, it is the realization of my dream of teaching little children.

Ever since I was as child I wanted to teach. When I was eight years old, my father gave me a blackboard, and I started teaching my dolls.

It is a very emotional experience when a child responds well to my teachings, to see it growing and learning.

I believe in children, I trust them and I want this school to be like a home for them, a place where they feel at ease and where each child can learn at its own pace.

It requires a lot of trust for parents to leave their children in my care – and that gives me a great responsibility.

I wish that time spent in my school will be worthwhile for you both, parents and children.

Arji Roest
Children’s Castle International

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