With our unique curriculum based on the Montessori method, we aim to provide a carefully prepared environment for the children and foster in them a love for learning.

Key is our policy of always speaking English, integrated throughout the curriculum. Children naturally absorb language and the linguistic skills attained in their early years are used throughout their lives.

children's castle is a member of the rome international schools’ association (RISA). We are recognized by the Italian ministry of education.



Learn about our objectives, what we offer and discover why we are different


Our goal is to help children purposefully engage in a wide range of educational activities that are stimulating and supportive for their development and learning.

What we offer

An international curriculum meeting the qualification criteria of the UK's standard setting body for the educational sector, based on an individual teaching methodology, following each child.

WHY are we different

We do what we love and love what we do. At Children's Castle we believe in children and hope our school can be like a home, where they feel at ease and each child can learn at its own pace.